Student Registration

Participants, please read the following instructions before you register.
STTA is free. There is no registration/audition fee to attend.

Event Registration is now open! Register here.

Who can participate?

High school seniors who plan to attend college in the Fall of 2017 and major in theatre are encouraged to participate.

What programs am I auditioning for?

Colleges and schools in attendance offer programs in Acting, Musical Theatre, Theatre Education and Technical Theatre. They will be considering you for the programs that you have expressed interest in through your registration form.

What’s the schedule for the event?

One week prior to the event, participants will receive an email notification with their audition time.

Participants should arrive 30-minutes prior to their assigned audition time or session.

All participants will be considered for a “Callback,” an opportunity to learn which colleges/schools are most interested in their application. Callbacks will be held immediately following the last audition (4:15-5 PM).

What should I prepare?

Students auditioning for Acting should prepare two contrasting monologues taken from contemporary plays that together, total no more than 2-minutes in length. All participants should state their name and the title of the plays that the pieces are taken from before beginning their monologues.

Students auditioning for Musical Theatre should prepare one monologue and 16-bars from a song. Alternatively, a student may showcase up to two song selections instead of a monologue. Together, this content should total no more than 2-minutes in length. Students may not sing a capella. They should prepare sheet music for an accompanist to play. Sheet music should be marked with appropriate instructions for the accompanist to follow (such as tempo and breath marks). There will not be an opportunity to rehearse with the accompanist.

Students auditioning for Theatre Education should prepare a statement about why they wish to be a theatre educator and may perform or demonstrate any combination of material, for a total presentation of up to 2-minutes in length. For example, students may present a design portfolio and a personal statement; a personal statement and a monologue; a personal statement and a song, etc.

Students applying for Technical Theatre programs should prepare a statement about their design experience and goals. This presentation should take no more than 4 minutes and cover highlights from the individual’s resume. Visual aids are strongly encouraged! Participants may bring models, prepare a portfolio in a binder, or prepare a display board.

Can I audition just for the experience?

In the interest of time and spaces available, we encourage students to audition and interview at the South Texas Theatre Auditions if they have a serious interest in majoring in theatre in college.